Light Painting

Light painting combines the technology of hand-held LED lights with the art of long exposure photography to create mysterious and beautiful images. It’s really just forming trails of light in the air as the digital camera records each light movement. The basics of light painting are quite easy to learn, and I can teach them in just a few minutes.

More ambitious light paintings however, often require more complex processes, and that’s where my expertise comes in. If you can imagine it, then I want to help you manifest it. I feel that the best light paintings are the result of collaboration between artist and participant.

What others are saying about light painting

“Light painting is an amazing art form. It enhances your imagination, wakes up your intuition and reflects who you are and where you are at. It’s like a creative mirror of the soul.” — Patrick Rochon (

“The art of light painting is amongst the final visual frontiers of human creativity. It requires precise photographic skill, carefully choreographed performance and a wild imagination.” — Seamus Payne (

Example of Light Painting