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A unique interactive light painting experience for your next corporate event.

There is no shortage of activities that give professionals the opportunity to unwind and have fun, but few activities are as unique as Light Painting is. Light Painting gives your employees the opportunity to think outside the box and put their imagination to work to produce stunning art. It’s a powerful way to open creative energies and prime the collaborative spirit.

And it’s something they’ll remember and be talking about for a long time.

Santilli Light Painting Experience offers access to creative photo sessions in a customized dark room (or tent) with professional light painting tools. Guests will, in collaboration with a photographer, utilize long exposure photography to create their own masterpieces. Completed images will be printed on site, and made available for your guests to download. Corporate logos can be added to each image.

Set up a complimentary creative session to find out how Light Painting can be a memorable experience for your guests.

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Corporate Events