A customized interactive light painting experience.

As a festival event organizer in a competitive landscape of endless opportunities for engagement, staying current and unique with captivating experiences is a formula for success at your next festival.

Santilli Light Painting Experience offers access to creative photo sessions in a customized dark room (or tent) with professional light painting tools. Guests will, in collaboration with a photographer, utilize long exposure photography to create their own masterpieces. The results are unique and mysterious images that are delivered to your guests via a ready to share digital link, and/or if you prefer printed immediately on site. This is a great opportunity to boost social media promotion for your event. Each light painting session lasts between 1 to 15 minutes and can fit up to five guests per session.

If your guests want basic light painting portraits, then we’ll be able to do 20-40 guests per hour, and for advanced light painting requests we’ll need a little more time with each guest.

Completed images will be printed on site, and made available for your guests to download.

Set up a complimentary creative session to find out how Light Painting can be a memorable experience for your guests.

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